Soundwork for 150 windplayers

Soundwork for 150 windplayers
Year: 2012

Distances & Proximities is a sonic experiment using  sonic perception to explore the topography of inner-city Stockholm’s most fragmented area Slussen. Where does Slussen begin? Where does it end, and how do these distances sound? By  using  more than one hundred wind players  positioned across seven different locations throughout in the vast area of Slussen the work establishes  a circular —synchronized —sonic structure, formed of extended scale patterns, where tones resound from place to place in a somewhat circular motion.

Each orchestra/location constitutes a voice, similar to foghorns signalling; they highlight the interstitial distances and intimacies, and gauge the distances that characterise Slussen. Initially, it is possible to distinguish from where  sounds emanate, but gradually they coalesce to create an increasingly homogenous wash of sound.

The work, 21 minutes, was performed on October 10th 2012 after dawn.

Commissioner: Nordic Music Days 2012
Curator: Catharina Backman
Special credits: PA Ukkonen
Participating orchestras and ensembles: Stockholm Wind Symphony, Culture schools from Norrtälje, Tyresö, Sollentuna, Nynäshamn and Järfälla, Stockholm Youth Wind Symphony, Danderyd and Gustavberg Wind Orchestras

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