Out of the Forest | 2023

Out of the Forest

Speaker cables, contact speakers, water bowl for dog, tree branches from forests. Sounds from recorded and synthetically generated forests.
Year: 2023

Out of the Forest explores how human and more-than-human interaction can converge into an artistic situation.

Out of the Forest is an attempt to respond to the following question: Can a co-existence between human and more-than-human materialize into an artistic outcome?
Out of the Forest consists of tree branches from forests that the dog I live with and I have visited. Every time the dog brings a branch home, I save it. Days become weeks become months. Over the years, an archive of the traces of the forests we have visited has slowly taken shape: fragile memories of moments of forests, a dog and a human.


Konstskådning 2023, Hammarskogs herrgård, Sweden.

Anna Einarsson

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