Photo: Pär Fredin.

SUBAQUA | Site-specific sound installation
Hafencity Hamburg, Germany | Aarhus harbour, Denmark | Norrtälje bay, Sweden.

Year: 2009/2011

SubAuqa is an artistic exploration of the underwater landscapes of different cities, whose Identity are all closely linked to water. The water mirror surrounding the areas can be considered as part of the public space, just like squares, streets and bridges that belong to everyone and at the same time to no one. Beneath the surface of the water there is a strange hidden world that also belongs to the city. The social activity of the city with boats, cars and even fish sounds through the water. Depth, distance and perspective are expressed through the sounds of the city, which spread through the water like distant echoes of present life.

Initially developed for Hafencity in Hamburg as a commission from KLANG! Hamburg — Netzwerk für Zeitgenössische Musik and further developed for Spor Festival, Aarhus, Denmark and Norrtälje Konsthall, Sweden

Manfred Fox, technical concept and implementation.
Andre Bartetzki; software programming.



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